Internet Man is a WordPress Designer employing the latest web design techniques to make your site stand out and look good on phones as well as desktops.

The new generation Web sites are called WordPress sites. Not only are they newer, they’re better. Gone forever are the days of hand designing web pages in Dreamweaver. Now web design is a process of installing the WordPress framework on a Linux server then adding a theme over the top. WordPress forms a content management system allowing you to interactively add pages and update content. WordPress is an entirely new way of creating sites and it’s making them better than ever before. Internet Man is a WordPress designer specializing in the installation, hosting, and design of Wordress sites!

Internet Man, Inc. offers WordPress web site development to the general public! We setup WordPress on our specially configured Web server, select and install a theme, and add you content for a fully turnkey web site. To inquire about Internet Man web site development click the Contact Us tab above!

1. What are WordPress sites?

Wordpress is essentially free blog software. It comes from the blogging world. created a framework for blogs. Basically you go to their site, download the latest version of WordPress, and install it on your site. Once installed you have a readymade blog that people can post articles to.

What started out is a framework for blogs that appealed to a narrow niche market of bloggers has blown up and gone mainstream. It turns out that the free WordPress blogging tool is also excellent for creating web sites as well. Many people turn off the blogging capability and use WordPress just to create web sites.

2. WordPress Hosting Platform

Wordpress is not a Microsoft thing – it’s a Linux thing. WordPress comes out of the Linux-PhP-MySQL world. It is created to run on the native Linux operating system. You may be able to setup WordPress on a Windows operating system but it isn’t the right thing to do. WordPress expects the latest versions of all Linux components to operate correctly.

Internet Man has a dedicated server specifically for WordPress sites. We have embraced WordPress technology completely. We find the finished web sites to be cleaner and more complete than scratch built sites. Our WordPress server is 100 percent Linux. Everything is new and backed up.

3. Why WordPress sites are so good

Wordpress uses a philosophy similar to apps on an Iphone. The idea is you go to the web, download, and install components instead of building everything from scratch. For example, if you need a calendar you go to the Web and find a calendar widget instead of building a calendar from scratch. It would takes weeks or even months to build your own calendar. With WordPress you can download and install a calendar in a fraction of that time. The real kicker is the WordPress calendar will be superior.

The WordPress software provides the foundation for the site. Then, on top of that foundation you add themes, widgets, and plugins. It all works together fairly seamlessly. These components go together fairly well.

4. A Word Of Caution

Many WordPress components are free but some you have to pay for. Like all things Linux, previous knowledge is presupposed. You need a working knowledge of the operating system, php programming, and database programming too. When you come ;up on something that doesn’t work, help is nonexistent. You may find yourself fighting hard to get the site to work.

5. Advantages Of WordPress sites

When you see a WordPress site is fairly obvious. Most of them are larger, fresher, and more alive. They employ modern Web programming techniques making heavy use of CSS, HTML5, and JQuery. These things are hard, if not impossible to implement on your own.

Wordpress sites are based on themes. When you purchase and install a theme it basically gives you to look of the site and some sample pages. The business of creating themes is competitive. Themes generally cost from 10 to 50 dollars. Most themes are never purchased. Good themes become popular.

The reason WordPress sites are good is because a theme designer can make a lot of money. Yes the theme only costs $40 but if you sell it 1000 times it becomes $40,000 dollars. That’s an entirely different income bracket.

So theme designers are in hot competition to create the best themes. Also there is a collective knowledge in the theme building business that has taken hold. Theme designers can purchase a competitors theme, use portions of it, improve it slightly, and offer it for sale. So each designer stands on the other one’s shoulders and the final sites keep getting better and better. It’s a race to outdo each other and we are the beneficiaries.

Creating Sites From Scratch

Traditionally web sites have been built in Photoshop, cut up, and laid out in Dreamweaver. Contrast the poor guy trying to compete alone against an army of theme designers in hot competition to out each other. An old school designer cannot possibly compete with a WordPress designer. Tapping into this collective WordPress knowledge and collection of work is a lot like downloading apps for your phone. Who has time to develop an app? Even if you had the time, inclination, and knowledge you still can’t compete with an army of app designers. You have to avail yourself of the best tools and methods. Right now that is a WordPress designer.