Internet Man’s web design methodology includes everything you need to make your new web site a reality.

We do all our design and programming work in house. All we need from you is the go-ahead. We’ll take it from there. You don’t have to be personally involved in the details. You just oversee the progress. We’ll show you your site at various stages along the way. Then you tell us what you like and don’t like. We make web design an easy process. The final results will exceed your expectations. We’ve been doing this a long time and have satisfied many customers.

If you’re looking for a Web designer I recommend you call us. There are a lot of great designers out there but I honestly don’t think we can be beat when it comes to quality and price. We know the right techniques to get you a modern, impressive site that reflects your business perfectly. Call the others, then call us. Most of the sites we do are under $2000. We are not expensive for what you’re getting in return. Here’s a sample of our work.

Can I use Internet Man to create my Web Site?

Absolutely you can. We are open to requests to design sites and they don’t have to by in the southern California area. We have clients throughout the United States. Working remotely with our clients is no problem at all. Most of our clients have never been to our facility.

How does Internet Man approach Web design?

Our highest goal is to embody you business on the Web. Before we start designing we want to know a little bit about your company. We need to know exactly what you do and what makes you unique in the industry. Our background in advertising and design leads us to do an investigation of your business so we know who you are. That starts with asking questions. Only after we know you and your needs to we seriously start the design process.

How does Internet Man design a site?

First we gather pertinent information including your logo, company colors, and existing advertising materials, as well as an indication of how you want to be perceived in the market. We are looking for the general mood and tone of your site. We are also looking for any special requirements.

Once we understand your needs and how you envision being perceived we develop a site concept. A site concept has the look of the site without connecting the subpages. The site concept is intended to give you a glimpse of what your site will look like while keeping the cost down. We will do one, two, or three concepts for you depending upon how the concepts are received and how much you are willing to put into it. Our experience is high enough were we develop top concepts generally every time.

What happens after I approve the main concept?

The main concept sets the tone and appearance of the site. It also establishes site navigation. We encourage you to include enough information on your site so the search engines are interested. Everyone wants to be number one at Google. To be number one at Google you have to be the world’s expert on that search. That means you need more content than the competition. If they have one page on the subject, you need an entire section.

The next step after concept approval is to get a handle on site structure. This means all subpages you intend to include. The main concept includes site navigation. The concept is an excellent place to lay-in all the pages of the site. Once we decide on what pages to include, they next step is to create the pages.

How much does an Internet Man designed web site cost?

We address this in the section above entitled “What to Expect Financially.” A simple answer is you should have a budget of at least $500 with $1500 being a reasonable expectation for a small business site.

How can I minimize my risk in Web design?

Internet Man works on an hourly basis. This creates a situation where we do the work first and then you pay. This puts you in a great position. Typically, after we agree on terms, will begin the design. This usually consists of design work for the main page. We will put 10 hours into your project for example. You will be able to review the work on the web. You will also get an invoice from us.

The relationship between us is based on trust. We trust you and you trust that we will deliver a quality site, built to your satisfaction, in a reasonable amount of time. We have been doing this a long time and have delivered hundreds of Web sites. We are confident in meeting your expectations in terms of quality, creativity, and schedule.

How can you work with us if we’re in another city?

The web is the perfect medium to work remotely. As we create web pages we post them to the web, often in a secret area. You, the customer, goes online to review what’s been done. Between email and the web we are able to collaborate without any problems at all. Unlike print medium, with the web it isn’t necessary to visit your customer. We can show you the finished goods while were on the phone. It’s easy for you to make changes on this basis.

Will I own my domain name?

Yes. If it’s a new site, either you get the name or we’ll get it for you. We have custody of hundreds of domain names for our clients. The advantage of doing it this way is we take care of the annual updates for you. Perhaps 25 percent of our clients keep their domain names at their registrar. If you do, we keep track of the user/pass for you. We recommend not giving domain information to anyone.

What about email? Will I have email to go with my site?

Yes. Internet Man has been running email for the past decade. We are email administrators and take care of your email for you. You get 10 free emails with every site we create.

Do you recommend hosting our site and email with you?

Yes, we do. Internet Man is a designer/builder. We own our infrastructure that is located in a data center in downtown Los Angeles, California. When we design a site we know exactly the platform we will put it on. Internet Man web sites are an exclusive group. We keep response times on our sites extremely fast, easily in the top five percent of web site on the Internet.