If you are a network administrator we want to form a business alliance with you

Internet Man supports several independent consultants that support client networks in the Southern California area. Basically we support them with free email, web hosting, and consulting services. Here is how you as a network administrator can benefit by forming a business alliance with Internet Man, Inc.

Internet Man maintains several close relationships with Network Administrators responsible for their clients’ computer networks. This arrangement is a win-win as you can extend and enhance your services while shedding a lot of the headache that comes with the Internet. We are talking about a voluntary association between two completely independent businesses. If you’re a network administrator call us because this arrangement can work out great!

Opportunity For Network Administrators

If you support computer networks professionally we may be able to form a win-win business alliance that will benefit both of us. Internet Man supports computer hardware consultants in the Southern California. The basic arrangement is we support their clients’ web sites, email, and web software. Here is why this is a really good deal for network administrators:

1. You can take a vacation anytime you want

When you are responsible for company email you can get the call at any time. You know the call I’m talking about. It’s the call from your angry client telling you that his email is being rejected from his best client. Imagine getting this call just as you’re getting your second glass of wine before dinner in Kanapali, Hawaii.

It’s time like this when having 100 percent support pays off. Network administrators relying on Internet Man email know that one phone call is all it takes. All network administrators know that anyone can get a spam bot. If you do your IP will soon be blacklisted. If you’ve ever had your IP blacklisted it is not a pleasant experience. You need an expert familiar with these problems who can find the source of the spam, stop it, and apply to email RBLs to get delisted.

A successful network administration business needs to be based upon the finest service possible. You can give our number to your clients with full confidence knowing that we will always support you. When we handle the problem this reflects positively on your business. You will gain respect by giving your client immediate access to the email administrator.

You can enjoy your dinner and vacation knowing the situation is handled in a manner that enhances your stature with your client.

2. Free email and hosting to network administrators

The pricing structure on the Internet is pretty much set. Sure there are companies that charge high rates for monthly services but that is the exception. High rates certainly aren’t our market niche. Internet Man hosting rates vary start at $20/month including email. That is not bad when you consider that comes bundled with web site and email support. We handle this non-paying aspect of your business so you don’t have to.

We invoice clients four times a year. Our rates are so low your client will always be in there comfort zone. High reliability and high service underwrites your business. Your clients will be delighted with the high level of service. It is a velvet-rope service and that goodwill accrues directly to you.

3. Extend your product line so you can offer everything Internet

A lot of network administrators don’t specialize in the Internet. Internet is not what they do. That being said, there are some that do offer Internet services. In order to be competitive and not lose business, it’s best to offer Internet services too.

When you align with Internet Man you gain support from a company that has done nothing but Internet since it began. The chances are good you client is going to want a web site. Network professionals are typically not web designers. You need to be careful who you recommend to design the site. One of my best associates told me he recommends us because he knows we won’t make a move on his clients. Imagine your Web designer talking your clients into buying computer hardware from him!

The last thing you need is an outsider with designs on taking over the network too. If the client finds an independent designer then that designer has no obligation to respect your position. You need to recommend a designer you can trust. Internet Man routinely works with network professionals in this capacity. We have absolutely no interest in moving into the network business. We do not make office calls like this. We are Internet content developers. You can trust that we will always support and enhance your position in the market.

4. Extend Your Knowledge Into The Internet World

When you recommend an Internet specialist your reputation is at stake. When you recommend Internet Man the site we develop will thrill your client. They will be grateful and you will demonstrate mastery in the field. The three of us – you, your client, and us – can coexist in a powerful relationship that benefits everyone. You are the one that brought together a winning Internet team. This enhances your professional standing in your client’s eyes.

5. Free yourself of late night email problems

Anyone in the Internet business knows the biggest responsibility is with email. Some network administrators put email servers on their client’s networks. While it makes sense in limited cases, it doesn’t make sense in most cases. The thing that makes email bad from a network perspective is the urgency when the system malfunctions. As a network person you may not want that call at 2:30 am letting you know the email is down. You may not want the call telling you their best client isn’t getting their email.

Many network administrators put company email with Internet Man because they don’t want the headache of having to deal with email issues. While it makes sense for large companies, small businesses of three or four people are better served in third party servers. This way you offer a professionally managed email service without the downside.

6. Offer a premium alternative to general hosting

Many network people put their clients into hosting services like Go Daddy, Google, or Network Solutions. The problem here is that you really aren’t offering much. These services are volume carriers. The service they offer is essentially for the general public. The two things you avoid by going with Internet Man are:

You client is not being treated as someone special. I have services with Go Daddy too. While they’re pretty good at what they do it is no way comparable to a premium service like Internet Man. Your clients will not be subjected to an open public support queue.