People often ask us what are rates are. I answer them like this. If you take all the web designers in the world and rank them from one to ten, with ten being the most expensive we would come in at about five. So what you have is a ten rated designer for the cost of a five. You can’t do better than that!

Internet Man, The Artist

There may be a lot of web designers above us price-wise but there aren’t any above us design-wise. Why do I feel this way? This isn’t a boast. The quality of our service is based on continuous experience over years of practice. Here is why I think Internet Man web design is the best you can get:

1. Artists with degrees are usually better.

That’s the case with us. There are many web designers charging more than we do without degrees. Why would anyone hire someone without a degree and pay them more than a better designer with a degree? The assumption is the non-degreed artist is hotter stuff than the degreed artist. I would caution against this hot-stuff philosophy. Being an artist is hard work. Picasso created 80,000 works during his lifetime, an average of three a day for eighty years. Forget talent. The man could work!

2. Professional artists deliver the goods.

You learn that early in art school. If you are one day late with your design, you get no higher than a B. Deliver it two days late you get no higher than a C. Three days and it’s a D. On the fourth day don’t even bother showing up because you failed. In art school you’re taught to meet deadlines. The artwork is secondary. Being reliable and delivering the goods is where the emphasis is.

When I interview with prospects I’m amazed at the stories I hear about web designers. The most common complaint is they are unresponsive. It takes forever to get the tiniest thing done. When I hear this I think amateurism. An inability to deliver on time is a sure sign of an untrained artist. This spoiled genius artist concept is hogwash. I can only see putting up with this behavior if you don’t have an alternative. You do have an alternative designer: me. I will deliver the goods, on time and without drama. Here’s another thing to keep in mind when choosing an artist.

3, The artist that delivers on time is the better artist.

I don’t mean better because they deliver. I mean the quality of the art is better.  Talented artists work. When you work with a real artist you’ll never hear an excuse. That’s another thing you learn in art school. Art professors have heard every excuse there is. At top art schools students aren’t allowed to get started with their tale of woe. They are told to button it, go to work, and come back when you have something to show.

Delivering the goods like this creates a more talented artist. That’s because delivering is the only option. Late delivery is failure. Excuses are not tolerated.