How Web Software Can Transform A Business

Recently I was approached by a clothier that supplied a national chain of restaurants with branded uniforms, tee shirts, and promotional items. Up until this season they developed a catalog and sent it to the restaurants, about 200 in total. The restaurant managers would make up orders and fax them to my client. This year they wanted to use the internet.

You can’t do this with a shopping cart. Ordering multiple sizes is too tedious. We developed a custom ordering system where the user can select all their sizes on a single line (see image). The users love it because ordering is quick and easy. The merchant loves it because the orders are coming in briskly.

This system was custom programmed. It took us about 2 weeks start to finish, including the admin area to pickup the orders. This is an example of how web software can lift a business. When it is done correctly, web software can become the business. Now my client has no competition. The managers use my client’s system to fill their restaurants with branded merchandise.

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