Internet Man is an Email Service Provider that will give you the benefits of hosted Exchange Email

You’ll have an email service provider to call to configure phones, tablets, and personal computers. We specialize multiple email devices. Multiple devices require IMAP email. IMAP mail leaves the messages on the server. It is the only way to get all devices working from the same email account.

Do you want better email? Internet Man is a premium email service provider where you actually have an email administrator to call. If you’re a busy professional and don’t have time or patience to troubleshoot email problems, call us. Our rates are low, our service high, and we take care of everything!

Running a mail server requires knowledge and experience. It takes at least five years to become an experienced mail administrator. The reason it takes this long is because email is both complicated in critical. The average email user has no idea how difficult managing an email server can be.

When you talk about managing email professionally it becomes a different game. Professional email works all the time. Here are the differences between professional mail and mail hosted on gmail or Hotmail.

1. With Internet Man email you have a mail administrator to call

When you send your mail to you best client and they don’t get it, what is your next move? If you’re using free email, you have no next move. You get what you get. If your client doesn’t get your mail it’s on you to figure out why. If you have Internet Man mail you have someone to call. You can talk to your email administrator. That’s comforting when you need it.

2. With Internet Man email you use your domain name.

Your mail arrives at your client. It’s from On the Internet that means that you are a fly-by-night outfit that uses free Internet services. Free Internet services are under no obligation to you. Do you want to do business with someone has built their business on free stuff? Is that the message you want to portray? When your email arrives it should be from your site, not someone elses even if that someone is a big outfit like Microsoft or Google.

3. Internet Man email sets you up correctly

Do you kow the difference between POP mail and IMAP mail. This momentary decision can have a huge impact down the road. Simply put IMAP mail is for people that have multiple devices, like PCs and phones. If you have multiple devices and use POP mail, it will never work right. To sync your mail you need IMAP. We make decisions like this for you so you don’t get into trouble down the road.

4. Internet Man mail keeps spam out of your box

If you have a web site you want people to contact you. If you put your email address on your site you will get spam. We have ways to do this without incurring spam.

5. Internet Man email manages your filters

You’ve made it clear you don’t want spam. Then one day your best client sends you an email. You don’t get it. What’s your next move?
I’ve seen big important companies that have misconfigured email servers that will get rejected by any legitimate email server. Yet you don’t care about that. All you care about is that you can get their mail. With a cheap service you are stuck with not being able to get your client’s mail. Many times your client are not doing things right. Your free service is correct in not accepting their mail. They are not going to make exceptions for your client. It’s on your client to fix their email. Are you going to tell them that?

If you have Internet Man email you have options. We can opt your client out of standard quality email tests so you can get their email, regardless of how they are configured. This kind of one-on-one service is something you will not find anywhere else.

6. What can you do when your client doesn’t get your email?

This is a more difficult situation. We have total control over email coming to you. We have much less control over email going to them. That being said we can examine the process to see exactly why you mail wasn’t received. We will do whatever we can so you mail gets through, including conferring with the receiving mail administrator.

7. Internet Man email helps you setup your computer and smart phone

There are enough email settings that it can take hours to set up a phone or PC. We routinely setup our clients’ devices to insure that their email is both sending and receiving. We also consult on the proper way to setup multiple devices. We consult on using you mail on the road. Most times on the road you can send but not receive. With Internet Man email you can do both.

8. Internet Man email includes an email administrator with a decade of  experience hosting email

You can’t underestimate the importance of having your email backed by an experience administrator. There are things that come up that are not intuitive and it takes years to figure it all out. Email is critical now. Email is not the place to save money. Things come up. When they do you need a reliable administrator to handle things. I’ve been doing this a long time. I don’t recommend free email for business. For personal use, where email isn’t critical, you can get by with it. For business, where email is critical, you need an email administrator like Internet Man.