Digital Innovator: Developer in the Insurance Software Industry

Transforming Sub-Agent Engagement for MGAs in a Revolutionary Way

We specialize in crafting cutting-edge online software solutions tailored for the insurance sector. Our primary focus is partnering with managing general agencies (MGAs) to revolutionize their interactions with sub-agents. Our array of services includes the creation of dynamic quoting engines, delivering instant and accurate quotes. We design comprehensive agent portals, equipping agents with all the tools necessary for seamless business operations.

work from home web based software

By seamlessly transitioning traditional manual insurance processes into a dependable online framework, we redefine the industry landscape. Our expertise spans various domains, encompassing quote system development, policy management system refinement, online rating systems, and the integration of API calls to third-party services such as fire rating or replacement valuation.

If your operations still adhere to conventional methods, we invite you to connect with us for an illuminating Zoom demonstration of our transformative solutions. Our most recent achievement involves the successful establishment of a $25 million portfolio of zero Fireline rated policies, accomplished within a mere two-year timeframe.

Illustrative Examples of Our Web-Based Solutions in the Insurance Industry

Insurance Policy Management

ticketing system

  • Handle 100 new policies daily with just few people
  • Take control over a chaotic environment
  • Endorse, cancel, and reinstate polices instantly

Insured Online Payments

payment system

  • Credit Cards close the same day
  • Checks close in two days
  • Robust and complete accounting history

Sub Agent Online Portals

agency management system

  • Insurance Agents binding business on your site
  • Built-in detailed database of agencies
  • More efficient for your customers

Insurance Claims Management

Claims Management System

  • Manage hundreds of claims easily
  • Identify trouble situations for non-renewal
  • Upload documentation directly to the claim